QR Codes

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Have you ever thought there is just too much information to put on your advertisements? Now, you can get your very own quick and easy QR Code for your consignment sale! Just put your QR Code on all of your promotional materials and potential customers can scan your QR Code with their smart phone and viola! Instant access to your website (or any other online media you'd like to send them to).
You can visit Kaywa.com and get a QR Code for your sale today. It's free, easy and there is nothing to it!
Go ahead and check out! You can scan my codes right here on this blog!



Postage Rates Have Changed

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As of April 17, 2011, the postage rates for businesses have gone up. For most of us, this doesn't mean a whole lot since the postage for a first class piece of mail under one ounce is still 44 cents, however, this will effect shipping rates for things you purchase online for your business, and will also affect those sales who do manual tagging and opt to mail tags back to their customers.

For more information about the new postage rates visit http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/Notice123.htm#1012541

Baby Steps

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I have recently had some events happen in my life that have given me a new perspective. I have been dreading turning 40 this year. But one of my high school friends died last week. He had just turned 39. His facebook post said "It was a great last birthday. I used to dread turning 40, now I only dream of it". He died from cancer 2 weeks later. Well that made me rethink everything.

One of my friends has been asking me to participate in the Women's Half Marathon in September of this year. And until recently, I have kept saying no. But when my friend died, I realized that turning 40 was a blessing, and I should step out of my comfort zone and quit living my life as a spectator.

So here I am. Almost 40 and way out of shape. Haven't been in the gym since baby boy was still nursing... 8 years ago! And then I thought, Oh My Goodness, how on earth am I going to do a 1/2 marathon? I know NOTHING about this!

Truth be told, it's not that much different than hosting a consignment sale. It's all about the baby steps. I am know I am not going to just jump right in and hit the 1/2 marathon, it takes a series of steps to make it there. Just like hosting a consignment sale.

  • Step 1. First you need to decide that this is what you want to do.
  • Step 2. You need to make the commitment to do it.
  • Step 3. You need to seek guidance from those who know, so that you don't make serious miscalculations or waste your time.
  • Step 4. Cut everything down into manageable pieces.
  • Step 5. Make a plan for your end result.
  • Step 6. Put your plan into action.

This year I have decided to put myself out there and put myself into the shoes of my new sale organizers. It's been a while since I have started my sale (although, I do remember what that was like), but I have decided to put myself in their shoes this year by trying something that seems so unobtainable for me. But with the right guidance, I am going to do this! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Sound Bites

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I was recently reading in Guerrilla Publicity about "sound bites". Sound bites is your 2 line "pitch" that you are going to use to promote your sale.

When do you use a sound bite?
Sound bites are used anytime you are promoting your business. If you are handing out fliers, introducing yourself, or answering questions about what you do, you will give them your 2 line sound bite.

Why should you have sound bite?
Explaining the ins and outs of a seasonal consignment sale can be a long and arduous process. And for those who aren't interested in a long, drawn out conversation, keeping it short and to the point gets your message across without wasting anyone's time.

What should a consignment sale sound bite look like?
You want to keep it concise. Maybe mention something about how you help families, saving money, making money, childrens clothing, recycling... you get the point. Short and sweet. "My Sale Kids help families save money on toys and clothing for their children." Keep it simple.

Always remember that this is your business. You want to have something that you can use whenever you are talking about your sale. But you also don't want to turn people off. When you start a consignment sale , you have to think like an entrepreneur. This is something you want to succeed and promote. So... sit down and work on your sound bite so that the next time you have the opportunity to discuss your business, you have a quick two liner that you can spew out like a pro.

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