Facebook Etiquette

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I have recently had a rash of sale organizers and other people in the consignment arena contact me about Facebook hijackers. You know the ones... the competing sale who posts on YOUR Facebook wall in attempt to advertise their business to your clientele and all under the guise of "Good luck at your sale this week! We love your sale!" [wink, wink]. No, you don't. You are attempting to hijack their Facebook page. And if you think they are too stupid to figure that out, think again.

For you Facebook hijackers, it is never, ever appropriate to solicit your business to another business's Facebook clientele unless you have the permission of the business owner. And even with the business owner's permission, there is still a proper protocol that you need to follow.

If you are going to put your link on another businesses page, the correct procedure would be to A. obtain permission from the business owner. B. "Like" their page C. Post on your wall with a link to their wall. So, instead of posting on XYZ's business page: We love your business! You should post on your own page: Good luck XYZ (link to their page)! We love your business!

This allows you to share them with your clientele, is completely appropriate and doesn't hack anyone off causing you to quickly become blacklisted for trying to steal someone else's customer base.

It all goes back to that old saying: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should! You never know when you are going to need these people to help you. Don't hack off everyone in an attempt to promote your business. Customers are becoming very choosy with who they are giving their hard earned dollars to and they are choosing more ethical businesses over non-ethical businesses. Be smart and use your head. You wouldn't want someone doing that to you, don't do it to someone else.

Banner Ads on Facebook

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Did you know that you can create a banner ad on your personal facebook profile? Facebook prohibits banner ads on your business page, but you can create one and add it to your personal profile in the space where your pictures currently are.

I made one of these for my facebook profile and it was incredibly easy. So if you are looking for something fun to advertise your business on your page check it out.


Navigating Facebook

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There has been lots of chatter lately about keeping up with all the rules and changes going on with facebook. Facebook can be a great marketing tool. But are you using it correctly?

I found this great ebook by hubspot that gives you the latest info on facebook page marketing. After a quick perusal, I can tell you that I plan on spending some time fine tuning and updating my facebook page! Doing some things right... doing some things wrong! But since I am not a facebook guru, I am happy to have those who are sum up the do's and dont's on my favorite marketing tool.

Check it out. It's a quick read and may help you figure out how to get the most out of your facebook page and social media marketing.

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