Retail is for Sissies

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

I say it all the time. Retail is for sissies.™ What exactly do I mean by that?

Lets face it. I love shopping at my local mass merchandisers. Everything is just so. I like this shirt, in this size and there is a whole table or rack full of the same item with the same price, in various colors and sizes. It's so easy, everyone can do it! You just pull up in the parking lot and away you go.

But to shop a consignment sale is a whole new ball game. Most sales are pretty well organized, but because there are so many sellers, with so many styles preferences, you never know what you're going to get, or how much of a deal you are going to find! You have to sort through racks of clothes to find the clothing that fits your style. You have to hunt through toys and equipment to find items with the features you want. And all the while you have other shoppers hot on your heels to snatch up the items you didn't give a second thought to... or maybe you did, but now someone else has grabbed the tag! You waited in line to get in, and you have to wait in line to get out.

Consignment sales are not for the faint of heart. But the deals are incredible and well worth the fun and frenzy if you want to save a significant amount of money on your kids "stuff". Shoppers aren't the only rock stars in this game. Lets look at the consignors...

Consignors (or sellers) spend weeks collecting their items and supplies. They spend hours on end laundering, pressing, hanging and tagging their gently loved merchandise to be displayed at the sale. They organize it , price it and make everything look "just so" to entice you to buy their items that their kids may have wore "once". Many people have told me that "it's just too much work." Yep... not for the faint of heart alright!

And then you have the faithful volunteers. People who come in and unlike a sales clerk who may receive hours or weeks of training, are grabbing an apron, answering questions and assisting customers with little more than a 5 minute introduction to the sale. They have to learn on the go! They also see problems and offer solutions. Feedback doesn't go up the chain... it goes right to the organizer when the words come out their mouths. They quickly get the lay of the land and take the initiative to get things done... because the sale is only right here, right now. It may not be able to wait until tomorrow.

"Retail is for sissies™" means that our shoppers, consignors and volunteers work harder at preparing, shopping and working at a consignment sale than they would if they were shopping or working retail. But the rewards are tremendous! Deals abound, life long friends, and a little money in your wallet are well worth it!

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