Who Moved My Cheese?

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

This weekend I read a great little book called Who Moved My Cheese? If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's about these 4 little characters who are in a maze looking for cheese and what happens when they find, and when it's gone. It's a quick little read, but is packed full of insight on change.

What's interesting to me, is that as I read this book, I started figuring out which of these characters were people I knew, and which one I was. More importantly, it has helped me to figure out which of these characters are on my team. By knowing which people are which character are a great way to add to their list of strengths and which positions I put my key people in.

Change is hard. But it doesn't have to be. Being prepared will help you better adapt and move forward. Whether it's location changes, staff changes, or new competition, your cheese will get moved. Being prepared to make and adapt to those changes will make it easier when those challenges arise.

The One Minute Entrepreneur

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I began reading the One Minute Entrepreneur this weekend. It's a parable that condenses several one minute gems into each chapter. Not only do they hone in on some secrets to success, but they also talk about how important your advisers and mentors are.

When I searched for a website, I found the the associated website www.oneminuteentrerpreur.com is offering a free skills assessment until the end of the year. It's a quick questionnaire I think around 80 questions, and when you are done they email you a link to your test results and they evaluate your areas of strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend that you spend a few minutes to help give yourself a more clear picture of your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing where your strengths lie will help you in the long run. Being able to play to your strong side and delegate your weaknesses will help you in finding your supporting team members. There is more to starting a consignment sale than just picking out a name and putting up some racks. You need to that you have what it takes to run a business. I think this assessment will help you get a better picture of how you handle situations.

Pick up a copy of The One Minute Entrepreneur at your local used bookstore and check it out. It's full of great advice.

The Hero Or The Goat

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

I recently started reading a book called QBQ! The Question Behind the Question . It's about personal responsibility at work and in life.

After reading the first page I was reminded about something my Dad used to say. He'd tell my brother that he was either the Hero or the Goat. You see my brother was the quarterback of our high school football team, and the regardless of what happens, the quarterback is either the Hero (if they win) or the Goat (if they lose). Ultimately the buck stops with the quarterback. He is the leader of the team, and when they win, he catches the glory and when they lose, he catches... well you know what he catches. Look at any pro football team and you'll see what I mean.

And that got me thinking about accountability and attitudes. As you think about starting your consignment sale or improving your sale , I would ask that you examine your attitude.  As a sale organizer everything that happens at your sale is a result of a decision that you made. Example: Sale organizers have a tendency to make excuses, find blame and finger point when they don't have enough volunteers... "everybody is on vacation this time of year" or how about "I don't understand why more people don't volunteer?" If you're a seasoned sale organizer, you know you've said these types of things. Instead of whining and complaining, you need to figure out how to attract more volunteers. Spend your time being proactive about the problems and find solutions. Ask yourself "what would it take to get me to volunteer? How would I want to be treated as a volunteer?" Ask these types of questions and you'll find the answers to better improve your sale. Don't adopt a "victim" mentality. You have the answers you need, you just need to look at the problem with a different attitude.

Your time is valuable. Spend it focused on how to better your sale, instead of whining about what went wrong. Either you are the Hero, or you are the Goat. Heroes find a way to stop the finger pointing and figure out how to fix the problem. Goats, well they just like to finger point.

Be sure to pick up a copy of QBQ! It is a must read for your business!

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