Liability Issues

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

One of the things that I get more emails about is "should I or can I stack tables on top of each other to give myself extra space?" And the answer to that is absolutely not. You should NEVER, EVER stack tables on top of each other.

As a sale organizer, you must be aware of any and all "potential" liability issues. If you can't secure one table on top of the other, then you should not put one table on top of the other! When you are setting up your sale, you need to think like a baby proofer! If you wouldn't do it in your house, then you certainly shouldn't do it at your sale.

Children run in and around equipment. They climb on stuff. They pull stuff down. It is your job to be diligent and make sure that nothing could potentially harm your clients or their children. I was helping a new sale once, and when I walked in, they didn't have the right kind of racks, so they took some rope and tied the rope between all the arms to try to create additional racks. The problem with this was that all the clothes were on one side. And because they were all tied together, if one of them tipped over, they would all fall. Could you imagine if someone bumped a structure like this and it fell on a baby in a stroller?

It is imperative that you think about how you set your equipment up. If there is even a slight possibility of something falling on a child or client, then you should not do it. Think about if it was your child in the stroller, and a table slid off another table and fell on your baby... There is no amount of money that will replace any harm down to your little one. So don't take the chance. It's not worth it.

As you think about how you will set your sale up, think about any and all possibilities where damage could occur from equipment not properly set up.

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