Give Like No One Else

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Last night I attended my meeting to finalize the plans for turning over use of my sale to a fabulous non-profit. It's my second year working with this particular group, and I really look forward to this sale.

People think I am crazy, but I love to give. Unfortunately, as a stay at home, the funds aren't readily available to make a dent in any non-profits budget that I know of. But together with my volunteers, consignors, and shoppers, through this event we are able to help 100 inner city children for a whole school year! And all I am giving is a week of my time. Well sure, I guess there is the planning aspect, but I don't count that... I'd be finding some new way to manage my sale anyway during that time.

So I challenge you as you start a consignment sale , or if you are currently hosting a consignment sale... think about how you can use this incredible gift that you have been given to give back to your community. It doesn't have to be something big like turning over your sale, but how about using your sale for some of the following:

  • food drive
  • toys for tots drive
  • collecting funds or "new" donations for local ministries
  • handing out non-profit information in your goody bags
  • gift certificates to your sale for families in need

The ideas are limitless. Think about how you can help others and I promise you, you'll be so glad you did!

How Consignment Sale Fundraisers Can Help Your Church or School

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

In a struggling economy, non-profit organizations are having a difficult time obtaining funds from donors - they're just tapped out. But have you thought about hosting an event that's beneficial to the donor, the community and your non-profit organization?

Let's talk about consignment sales. If you are not already familiar with the concept of seasonal consignment sales, they are usually a one week event offered twice a year, and are as varied as the people organizing them.Most seasonal consignment events involve gently used childrens items. Children outgrow their clothes and toys quicker than a bolt of lightning, which means the items are generally in great shape. So, how can hosting a childrens sale benefit your organization?

Childrens consignment sales are mutually beneficial to both the hosting organization and the consignor (seller). Your consignors provide you with all of your merchandise so there is no upfront cost or investment for what you will be selling. Consignors also hang, tag and prepare their items for sale, which means less work for you and a higher percentage for them. The commission structure (or split) is usually 70/30, meaning the consignor receives 70% and the host organization receives 30%.

Everybody wins at a seasonal sale. Your consignors get to sell their gently used merchandise and get a higher price than a garage sale would bring. Your church or school receives a portion of everything that sells, plus they attract people to their location and raise awareness of local ministries and programs. Shoppers receive great deals on gently used items for their family.

The two most challenging obstacles facing any consignment sale is clientele and location. The benefit of being either a church or a school is that you have both a built-in clientele and a built-in location to host a childrens consignment sale. Your clientele are the families of your school or childrens' ministry who are going to want to participate. They will make money, they help your program, and they get to purchase quality merchandise for their children at a fraction of the retail price. Your location is the gymnasium or fellowship hall. Not having to face both of these obstacles will certainly put you ahead of the game.

However, hosting a consignment sale is a complex operation and should not be taken lightly. But with the right guidance, navigating a consignment sale can become much easier. Like any successful business, it's all in what you know. Consignamania offers "how to" manuals , training and guidance to help new sale organizers overcome common pitfalls and teach how to host a successful event that is fun and profitable for everyone that is involved.

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