Data Back-up

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This morning I went to turn on my beat up old laptop (which I was just using last night) and... you guessed it... no workie. : ( Part of me is frustrated only because all of my book marks and websites that I visit are all saved on there.

One thing I didn't worry about was my files. Last year my husband encouraged me to purchase Carbonite and installed it on my computer. Because 95% of my business is run from my laptop, if something had happened to my computer, my business would be at a total loss. Can you imagine losing 5000+ customer contacts... people who are expecting to receive an email from you about your next event?
Instead of panicking I just logged into Carbonite... and there were my files, safe and sound. I immediately downloaded my customer contact files because I am getting ready to open up registration to the ministry sale in 2 weeks. All of sale files, pictures of my kids from the last 4 years and everything I need to run my life are now be downloaded onto one of our other computers.
A few years back, another sale organizer I know lost her hard drive. It cost her over $2000 to recover her files, pictures of her kids, etc. It only cost me $55 for a years worth of back up and it backed up my files every night.
Stressful situation averted. If you own a business, you must back up your files. Make sure you do it before it's too late.

Old School

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I get asked about why I do things "Old School." Consignamania gives you options. We show you how to go through an all manual sale in case you are running a small sale, or a non-profit sale and don't want any extra up front costs of automation equipment to start with, but you can easily opt to go automated and it doesn't change anything that I teach you in Consignamania. But with 350 consignors, I get asked all the time, "why is your sale not automated?"

This week has been a great example of why I prefer to go "Old School". This week is New Mom Registration for my ministry sale. And 1 out of 10 ladies registering for the Pre-Sale aren't actually "new or expecting moms". How do I know? I track all of my data. One lady has signed up having a baby boy born 1/10/08. She then signed him up again (same name) with a birth date of 1/10/09. Okay, so maybe I made an error, I mean 8 is right next to 9. But when she signed him up again 1/10/10... she is now off the "New Mom" eligible list. Same with the lady who conveniently gives birth to a new child every 6 months, or the one who is pregnant and "due" the 15th of May for the last 3 years. What are the odds that she is pregnant with 3 exact due dates but never actually has a baby? I know miscarriages happen, but 3 exact due dates 12 months apart? I don't think automation will detect these problems and send up red flags.

The same with consignors. I like to let my consignors know if there have been problem with their tags... too much tape or improper tagging procedures, so  that problems can be avoided at future sales. And I can let them know when sign up that there is a problem.

How about those problem consignors? The one you know has been banned from every sale in the state because she steals from other consignors? You know who I am talking about. You can't ban them once they have gotten their confirmation.

Maybe I am too much of a control freak, but I prefer "Old School" because I can control who participates in my sale. I have a code of ethics for participants in my sale. To allow those who lie, cheat or steal, is a violation of our code of ethics. I run a manual sale so that I can maintain a higher standard of participants. You may think that sounds really bad. But for those of you who already run sales and have less than ethical people participating, you know what I am talking about. Those of you who are about to start a consignment sale , you are about to find out. Not everyone is honest. If they will cheat to get into a pre-sale, what else might they be unethical about? What other potential problems lurk under the surface... trust me, more than you want to know.

So, to sum it up... it's "old school" for me because I like the control of keeping unethical people out. It weighs heavier with me than having my tags added, or someone else running my database (which I don't do anyway... my tagging service does).

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