Don't Slow Down

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

The sale season is almost over and for most sales, now is the time for rest and relaxation. But now is a great time to reflect on what needs to be done to better your sale.

For me, it's always equipment. With time ahead of me, now is the best time to search for deals on what I need. It's a great time to test prototypes for equipment ideas I have. It's also a great time to meet with my lead volunteers who can give me some input on things we need to improve upon.

One challenge every consignment sale organizer faces is handling problems. When you run your business in one week, problems can't always be addressed until the next sale. If you have a bottle neck of people waiting to check in, there really isn't much you can do about it right then. But you can work on a smoother check in for the next sale. Spending time now working on problems will help you be better prepared as you head into your next sale.

It's important to work on your sale during the off season. Just because your sale is over, doesn't mean that you should stop brain storming. When you start a consignment sale , know that you are going to put in a bunch of time on the front end in order to have a better run sale as you grow. Plan for more work now and you'll be rewarded with a smooth running sale each time you host an event.

Don't Stop Swimming

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

Did you know that if a shark stops swimming, it will die? It's a good analogy for what we are about to talk about today. You see if you don't keep "swimming" (brain storming ideas and thoughts to better improve your sale) your sale will stop growing. Your money will stop growing. Your fun will stop growing. There's lots of motivation to keep swimming and moving forward.

The good thing about having 100 other sales in the Nashville area is that it forces me to keep moving forward. I have to keep swimming. I can not rest on my laurels. There are so many sales for consignors, shoppers and volunteers to choose from, I constantly have to come up with new ways to improve my sale. This is a good thing!

You should never view a competing sale as a bad thing. First of all, you should be worried about your own sale and not someone elses. Secondly, competing sales can force you to keep "swimming". You see if you get to the point where you are complacent and your sale is just running along on auto pilot, you take a lot of the energy away from your sale. In the Little Mermaid, my favorite line Ursala (the sea witch) says is "It's what I do... it's what I live for"... Do you live to better your business? Do you get excited about the next sale? Or are you too busy worrying about someone elses business to make your business better?

Keep swimming! New ideas help you get excited about what you do! Example: I have a new idea for signage at my sale. I am so excited about it that I can't wait for the sale to arrive so that I can try it out! Now it may be a complete bust, or it may be a huge hit. I don't know... yet. But one simple idea has given me a renewed energy for the upcoming sale. I am hoping that this idea will be a huge benefit for shoppers and my volunteers who do the check in.

Once you have your consignment sale up and running it is important for you to continue to brain storm ideas and growth patterns. Spend a little time each week thinking about "how can I make my sale better?" When I first started my sale, my husband told me that if I spent my time worrying about my competition, that was energy that I wasn't putting into my sale. So true. Keep moving your sale forward if you want to win.

Keep swimming!

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