One More For The Books

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My sale is now over and it's time to get things wrapped up. A long winters nap is now in order and hopefully things will get back to normal after all of the accounting and paperwork are settled up.

This has been a fantastic week. One Boot Camper will be starting a sale near me and I put her in contact with some people that may be able to help get her started. I am very excited for her as she gets ready for her Spring Sale. We were able to discuss a lot of ideas for her sale and some challenges that she had been faced with in the past as she thought about starting her sale . She definitely has what it takes. 

One of the comments that she made to me was that before she heard about Boot Camps, her plan was to volunteer at a few sales and learn some of what she thought were the key shifts she needed to know about. But Boot Camp opened her eyes to the bigger picture. It's not just knowing what to do, but it's also about the endurance that you need to face, and what you need to know to survive your sale week both mentally and physically.

We had several future Boot Campers stop by and talk to us about future Boot Camps for sales in KY, PA and FL. Training has been the hi-light of my sale career. I love it!

I have always told you to do what you are passionate about. After all this time, I still love my sale, but training has added a new level of satisfaction to what I receive from my sale. As you go forward with starting your sale , make sure that you love what you do. A passion for helping people has made my sale fill a part of my life that I may have not been able to fill without it. During our sort, one lady stood up and said "I would like to buy all of the clothes that are 50 cents to donate to the mission people." Another person stood up and said "I'd like to match that, I'll do all the 50 cent books, up to $400 for the mission project." I was dumbfounded. So grateful and thrilled that we could help make an impact in a community where unemployment is 30%.

I love my sale. I hope that you love yours too. It's more than money that makes what we do important. Don't lose sight of that as you start your sale .

Boot Camps

Written by Jenifer Gifford on .

Today, lets talk more about Boot Camps. Because I am getting so many inquires, I think it would be best to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about Boot Camps.

Boot Camp FAQ's:

Q. Are Boot Camps set up in a classroom type setting?
A. No. Boot Camps are practical, hands on experience. From setting up and organizing to sorting and breaking it down, you will get hands on experience with the actual sale. Boot Camps are for those who want to learn how to run a sale, learn what to expect and discuss ideas and thoughts for your sale. You should come fully prepared with ideas, pictures of your location (inside and out), parking and roadside frontage of your location, copies of your email blasts, postcards and marketing materials.

Q. Should I bring my laptop?
A. There is no need for you to bring a laptop as we don't have time to get into computerized aspects of pre and post sale management.

Q. Are there any hand outs or materials given during Boot Camp?
A. No. Our start a sale manual , Consignamania is designed to be the foundation on which you are building. Questions addressed in the book will not be addressed at Boot Camp. You don't need to buy Consignamania to attend Boot Camp, but you should have a significant foundation of knowledge about consignment sales and how they run before you arrive.

Q. Do I need to stay in Nashville?
A. Yes. Because sale weeks run at all hours, you will want to stay within 30 minutes of Nashville during the sale. Safety is a priority and late nights will cause you to be sleepy. The sale has set hours, but as most sale organizers will tell you, the sale runs more than the actual posted hours. There are times you may leave as late as 1am or 2am on any given night. It all depends on what happens each day. Boot Camps are training to help you see what happens at a sale and what needs to be done each day. Late nights happen a lot. Weds nights are the only nights we are assured to leave by 10pm.

Q. What time will I need to arrive each day?
A.You will be expected to arrive promptly at 8:30am every day (except for the Sunday set up which begins at 3pm).

Q. How many hours will I spend at Boot Camp?
A. You will spend an average of approximately 75-90 hours at Boot Camp in one week. You can expect to spend 8 hours during setup, 12-16 hour days during the sale week and 6-8 hours for the break down.

Q. Who are Boot Camps designed for?
A. Boot Camps are designed for new sale organizers or sale organizers who are really struggling with the actual "sale week" management of their sale.

Q. What's the latest I can pay for my Boot Camp?
A. Your place in Boot Camp is not reserved until payment is made. Boot Camps for each sale will be removed from the website when payment has been received.

Q. What if I change my mind about attending Boot Camp?
A. There are no refunds for Boot Camps. Because there are only 2 Boot Campers allowed per sale, others may not be able to attend because of your reservation.

Q. What should I wear to Boot Camp?
A. Comfortable clothing and sneakers. Lots of bending, squatting and moving of equipment happen during sale week. You won't have time to do laundry, so bring multiple changes of clothing. You can probably get by with 2-3 pairs of shorts/pants, but you will need a fresh shirt each day for certain.

Q. Do you offer partner discounts if both my partner and I want to attend Boot Camp?
A. Yes, both partners can attend Boot Camp for $499, however, there may not be room for two of you if someone else has already signed up. If you both want to come, you will need to sign up early.

Q. Will you be teaching us how to use sale management/reconciliation systems such as bar coding programs?
A. No. For a variety of reasons, we do not use sale management programs. Each reconciliation program has different aspects and features. For that reason, if you are interested in sale management/reconciliation systems, you should receive training from the company that you are purchasing the program from.

Boot Camps are designed for those individuals who really want to learn and improve their sale. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. If you don't put anything into it, you won't get anything out of it. Come prepared with a "go getter" attitude if you want to make the most of your Boot Camp experience. Boot Camps are not a hand holding experience. They aren't for the faint of heart. I won't kid you. You'll work hard but you'll have fun. We do!

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