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I had the pleasure of being invited to a consignment sale retreat a few weeks ago. While I tend to work my sale around my kids schedules, I must admit, having nothing but uninterrupted time to sit and focus on the sale at hand, was really nice. I highly recommend it!

Our first night we grabbed dinner and ate at our destination (a friend's parent's house that was not being used while they were away on vacation). So... all the creature comforts of home without the kids! We brought snacks and breakfast and ate out for lunch and dinner. Our first night comprised of sitting around developing our plan for the weekend and getting a good nights sleep. Well, you know that never happens! 1 am rolled around and here we were, still chatting away! Not only did we develop our plan, but we started hammering out details on one of the main items on the agenda. I know, no one is early to bed around me!

Our second day consisted of planning out who was going to handle each task on the list from 9-1. The partners hammered out their partnership agreement (which took most of the morning) while I started working on layout and floor plans. At 1, we took a break and went on a field trip to scope out a few items on the "to-do" list followed by lunch and back to hammering out what needed to be done on each person's list.

By the Third day, almost everything was done. All of the sale planning had been made, all of the online items had been taken care of, all of the print items had been taken care of and more importantly, a plan and timeline had been made that they could walk through in a simple and methodical manner each week up through the sale.

I came back feeling really rejuvinated and ready to work on my own sale. I think in the future I will be taking this type of approach to handling my own sale. It was an awesome experience.

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