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Are you thinking about starting a consignment sale? Chances are you have experienced the thrill of seasonal sales. Perhaps you have even volunteered at a few, and have decided to make the next logical step, to find out exactly what it takes to start a consignment sale of your own.

These sales, usually a one week event offered twice a year, are as varied as the people organizing them. In a sense, the variety is also alluring to shoppers, in that they like to step out of the usual retail environment, and hunt down the next deal. However, there are some things that consignors and shoppers do not prefer to vary such as; having the right shopping/selling environment, receiving a good product at a great price, having an excellent shopping/selling experience to name just a few. Although these sales look simple from the outside, starting a consignment sale that provides both a proper buying and selling environment, takes professional organization, hard work, and experience to pull off.

The critical information and guidance offered in Consignamania- The How To Guide To Starting Your Own Seasonal Consignment Business, took over 8 years to compile and is full of lessons learned, answers to hard questions facing new sale organizers, and proven techniques for hosting a consignment sale that is profitable, and fun for all involved. Like all businesses, there is inside information that is needed to increase your chance of success. You can obtain this information on your own of course, over a period of years, or you can obtain it from someone that has made it available. The information I have for you here, stands on its own as by far the most comprehensive guide available for this growing market.


DAR Project


DAR Project


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